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We activate people, processes, technology and customers to realise Strategic, Business, Execution and Operational capabilities.

- We are obsessed with transforming the future of large, complex companies.

- If you are a small-to-medium sized company, we will take your business to the next level.

- We have honed our specialist skills, and acquired knowledge of strategic context and operational processes.

- Our team of professionals are experts in providing traditional services with an innovative focus.

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Digital Services

We help companies to integrate digital into their strategy and operations.  We identify transformation initiatives, organisational change and supporting technologies, as well as monitoring the implementation thereof, utilising a robust change management approach and associated activities.

We take an omni channel approach and focus on the entire digital landscape and not only on isolated components, in order to ensure that digital centric synergy is achieved. We will asses your company’s individual needs, construct a plan and assist in the execution thereof.  We will do a complete cost analysis to ensure complete transparency from a budget perspective.

Digital is no longer the shiny front of a company but it is integrated into every facet of day-to-day living.  It is invisibly embedded in everyday things and it has to be considered in everything we do as a company.  During strategy conception we will identify your digital landscape, and assist in developing your required platforms.  We will ensure that you stay up to date with the latest Smart devices, wearables and get you to transition into the Internet of Things (IoT) gracefully.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will remain a pig!  No amount of cosmetic changes will improve usability.  It is important to get into the minds of customers and develop your offering according to their needs.  A1L will ensure that the platform developed and the accompanying customer service is of world class standard.  We strive to provide a delightful customer User Experience.

Multichannel Campaign Management enables companies to define and communicate offers to their customers across websites, mobile, social media platforms, direct mail, call centres and e-mail.  The tools that are used to communicate offers include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing & automation, influencer marketing, campaign marketing, social media marketing & optimisation, e-mail direct marketing and display advertising.  A1L has the know-how and expertise to ensure that we identify channels which result in optimum two-way communication and increased ROI for the brand.

With Digital Technology disrupting and changing the way companies do business, the approach to Product Development and Innovation is also changing.  This directly influences the entire Digital Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process.  We need to be agile in the way we tackle Product Development & Innovation  if we want to remain sustainable and responsive to the needs of customers.

We offer digital control and auditing services to a range of institutions and industries including governments, banking industries, telecommunications, agriculture and energy. These services track the evolution of information security in a global and “always connected” world, where criminal organisations and activist groups collaborate and compete with each other, unlawfully.

NCA – National Credit Act protects the consumer and prevents unfair credit and marketing practices

POPI – Protection of Personal Information ensures that all SA institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity’s personal information

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) – protects shareholders and general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in the enterprise.  A1L will take the lead in preparing your company for SOX compliance

The King Report provides guidance on Corporate Governance – it recommends standards of conduct for boards and directors of listed companies, banks and certain state-owned enterprises.

Big Data Fraud Management – Big Data refers to datasets which are so large and complex that they create significant challenges when it comes to analysis and management.  A1L can assist companies to extract value from structured and unstructured data – data from wide ranging sources to be segmented, analysed and controlled to ensure deeper insights into aspects which are important to you

Unified communication and messaging and fixed-mobile convergence offer companies rich applications in a cost-effective environment.  Realizations helps digital players to define their market position and service portfolios and, design and implement new service platforms. At the other end of the business spectrum, we advise companies how to take full advantage of convergent service market and technologies.

Since 2007, we have been collaborating with stakeholders in a practical and results-oriented approach to innovation.

As a trusted source who move and inspire people with innovative ideas, A1L Realizations breaks down industry boundaries to shape and uncover your potential in the Digital Landscape.

First and foremost, we consider the existing landscape as input for idea generation; utilising it as a basis for future strategy development. We take into account B2B solutions, converged products, enterprise capabilities, mobile channels, Retail and CRM alignment, content management and intranet alignment.  We continuously scan the environment for new developments and industry trends to ensure your business remains ahead of the curve.

A1L will guide your company through the daunting task of assessing and selecting a Payment Gateway Solution.  Areas for consideration include whether the Payment Gateway is supported on your e-commerce platform,  how customers will perceive your solution as well as interact with your solution, whether it offers adequate functionality and whether the solution supports the payment methods of the target market.

By designing and implementing solutions using cutting-edge technology and architecture, we provide companies with “demystified” impact and opportunity assessments of disruptive innovation and support customers in evaluating their ecosystem.

We have developed our own all encompassing product which provides a top to bottom infrastructure solution.  ECO, Enterprise Capability Orchestration, is the art of orchestrating people, process, customer and technology to enable the Business to support the sale of Products & Services.  ECO brings about transformation across the entire business and can be applied to any company, in any industry, at any level of maturity.

Traditional Services

A1L provides innovative services on models, processes, organisation and systems for Finance Offices.  The services include control & performance, transaction services, organisations, information, risk management & assurance, processes, systems and capital deployment.

We provide full, turn-key support to CIOs and CTOs. Our collaboration with clients extends across technology strategy and governance, vendor management and enterprise architecture. Our team of professionals are independent experts who combine technology expertise with the ability to identify and scope business problems and provide unbiased and practical solutions for complex business problems.

We have successfully implemented an array of services and solutions within Technology offices; these include, but are not limited to Strategy and Architecture, Cost Optimisation, Organisation, Infrastructure services, innovations, Governance and Security. Some of our customers that have partnered with us and enjoyed notable success in these areas are Vodacom, Liberty Life, Airtel Africa, Standard Bank, MTN, Cell C and Telkom.

Our acknowledged experience and expertise enables us to provide support in strategic initiatives to improve efficiency and increase competitiveness.  Some of our focus areas here include process re-engineering, energy management, credit and fraud, performance, processes, CRM, logistics and digital as well as future strategy development and scenario planning.

We offer strategic support to the CPO across the value chain deploying reputable skills and competencies and master framework agreements.  Our core objective is to provide the CPO with the best possible solutions and framework in E-procurement, planning and controls, process outsourcing, operative sourcing, BRP/BPM and change management, supplier relationship management, strategic sourcing and going green.

We boost a company’s commercial expansion through a customized industry-oriented approach, utilising a customer-centric approach.   Our core objective is to assist the CMO with product and service development and management, market analysis, digital transformation, brand activation and campaigns, commercial strategies, commercial practices, systems and processes.

We provide human capital offices with specific, best-practice services and experience gained by its professionals in multi-national landscapes. Our services offering includes assistance in controls and performance, innovations training, communication, HR technology, people development, learning solutions, carve out support and collaboration.