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A1L Digital, (formerly known as was Widge) was founded in 2010, They afford marketers a host of cutting edge opportunities in the mobile and online applications arena.  A1L Digital develops highly flexible and configurable mobile applications that can be used in virtually any business.  All applications are developed with customers in mind as user experience key.

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Our customers extend across key markets, including:
Meet the Directors and Founding Members
Bob Howse

Bob Howse, is the founder and the chairman of the board of the A1L Group of companies. Bob has over 28 years of Telco leadership experience, having in the past been appointed in an executive capacity at AT&T, Telkom SA, Vodacom, Airtel, MTN.


Jaco du Toit
Group CEO

Jaco has been working in the telecommunication space for 16 years. Over the last 5 years he has transformed many businesses towards profitability. His main focus now is ensuring the success and uniting the A1L group of companies towards this common strategy.



Johnny Venter

Johnny is a highly capable financial executive with 25 years of experience in international private equity fund management in the USA. Johnny brings a very strong focus to business development with the ability to leverage significant relationships in the international arena.