Businesses often struggle to keep track of budget spending because budgets are planned on a high level but are managed at a low level.  B-ECO bridges this gap and helps organisations to manage budget spending and enables plan adjustments before it is too late.​​

Problem Statement​

  • Under- or overspending of funds due to the absence of accurate and timely reports.​​

  • Consolidated reporting on budget spend is cumbersome and time-consuming due to distributed information.​​

  • Disconnect between strategic planning and execution.​​

  • There is often no golden thread where budget spending can be traced from start to finish.​​

People Meeting

Budget Tracking

Value Proposition​

Actionable insight through accurate and early reporting.​

Ensuring that stakeholder funds are spent as planned, thus maximizing investment return.​​

Minimizing over- or under spending increases stakeholder trust in the spending process.​​

Solution Features​

Detailed recording of funds through the entire lifecycle.​​

Integration with external systems to provide near real-time information.​​

Live dashboards to display current status.​​

Customizable report generation.​​

Breakdown of information to the lowest level.​​

Roll-up of information on all intermediate levels.​​

Target Audience​

CxOs to PM's​​

Any business that needs to manage budget cycles​​